About General Education.

General Education: Distributive Studies - Scholarship in Practice

Scholarship in Practice courses are unique to the University of Maryland General Education Program. The courses are defined by learning outcomes and a distinct mission. To introduce this new category of courses, the 2011-2012 Lilly Faculty Fellows interpreted the Scholarship in Practice mission and goals for students, and for faculty.

Students: Watch this video to learn what is distinctive about a Scholarship in Practice Course.

As indicated in Transforming General Education "This new fourth area [of the distributive study category of General Education] reinforces and enhances learning in the humanities, natural sciences, and history and social sciences with courses that put these areas of learning into practice."

Students will have opportunities to experience authentic work of a discipline; faculty will reveal the processes of their work whereby abstract knowledge is transferred into a tangible form.

Students will have opportunities to …. take risks, innovate, apply, collaborate, revise and perfect their work, communicate ideas, consider how work is effected by ideas of others, and produce an original product or analysis.

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