Faculty and the General Education Program

Proposing a General Education or I-Series Course

For your course to contribute to the General Education program, it must meet the learning outcomes for one or more General Education category.  Through the General Education application system you will have the opportunity to present your course in the context of General Education.  Faculty serving on Faculty Boards will review course submissions and provide feedback on the applicability of the course to General Education.

For Faculty Reviewers

Faculty Board members reviewing proposals should login at General Education and I-Series Course Submission and Review.

I-Series courses are the signature of the General Education Program. Faculty who develop new I-Series courses will receive a stipend. Course development funds of $5,000 will be provided to the instructor for each newly approved I-Series course.

For the submission you will need a complete syllabus and responses to a set of questions related to how your course allows students to meet the category Learning Outcomes.

Review Process

Once you submit a course there are three stages of review:

  • Department level
  • College level
  • General Education Faculty Board level

In some colleges and departments the PCC committees will be involved in reviewing the courses and this may take some time. Contact your department and college representatives to alert them to your course submission and to find out the time required for department and college level review. Once the application is approved at the department and college level it will be available to the appropriate General Education Faculty Board to review.

Courses submitted for General Education are received by General Education Faculty Boards after they have been reviewed and approved by the department and college. The Faculty Boards will consider applications on a rolling basis during the fall and spring semester. You are encouraged to submit courses early in the academic semester one year prior to when the course will be offered. Courses received by Faculty Boards by October 1st in the fall and March 1st in the spring are guaranteed to be reviewed by the board in that academic semester.

Results of the Faculty Board review will be communicated to you via email. Board decisions will be categorized as:

  • Approved
  • Conditional Approval - Requires signature of Faculty Board Chair
  • Revise and Resubmit - Requires re-review by Faculty Board
  • Not Approved - College and Department may submit new application

For courses that have received Conditional Approval and Revise and Resubmit, faculty boards will provide feedback to be addressed in the course resubmission. Faculty Board chairs are available to discuss the board comments and provide assistance in addressing the comments prior to resubmission. You are encouraged to address comments and resubmit in a timely fashion such that the approval process may move forward quickly. Boards will review resubmitted courses on a rolling basis during the academic semesters. See the common reasons that courses are not approved or require revision prior to approval.

In submitting your course for review you will have the option to request one term or regular approval.

  • One term approval is for exceptional circumstances. If requesting one term approval please contact the Faculty Board chair to discuss circumstances. 
  • Regular approval allows the course to receive peer review from the faculty board and to move forward as a contribution to the General Education program. 

After General Education Approval
Once the course is approved by the Faculty Board it will be marked in Testudo with the appropriate General Education category and students in the course will receive the appropriate General Education credit.

New Courses Approval

If you are creating a new course or making changes to an existing course including course name, number, or description changes, these must be submitted through the VPAC process. Contact your department VPAC representatives for procedures. The General Education course review process only relates to the applicability of the course to General Education. The General Education review process is independent of the VPAC process. New courses may be submitted for General Education review before, after or at the same time as the VPAC process. For courses approved for General Education, once VPAC approval has been granted, the Registrar will link the appropriate General Education category with the course.

Submit Your Application.